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Thousands of non-refundable and non-cancelable reservations go unused daily, resulting in economic waste.

Don't let a booking go to waste. A user just needs to submit a few details about their reservation, and Stellar takes care of everything else.
Stellar is designed to eliminate capital waste on products, services, and reservations, while providing buyers unique opportunities and access to experiences that would otherwise go unused.

Stellar Stories

Turns out, someone’s Saturday night drama became the cornerstone of my most memorable anniversary dinner. Their loss, my gain - they couldn’t use their reservation, but the moment I spotted it on Stellar, I swooped in. My husband owes me big time for turning their misfortune into our celebration.
John Doe
Stellar is my secret weapon for spontaneous getaways. When  saw a weekend opening atthat secluded cabin I'd been eyeing, couldn't resist. With a few clicks, turned someone else's cancellation into my dream retreat. My friends still can't believe how lucky we got!
Jane Smith
Thanks to Stellar, our last-minute family reunion became a reality. My sister's flight was canceled, leaving her with a non-refundable hotel booking. Seeing her post on Stellar, jumped at the chance. Not only did we snag a fantastic deal, but the hotel was perfect for our gathering. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!
Ramon Cruz

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