Our Founding Team

Tony Abrams — Founder & CEO

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Born and raised in South Florida, Tony Abrams has made New York City his home for the last 20+ years. After graduating from Fordham University in 2001, Abrams immediately joined the fast-paced world of entertainment production, working for hit shows such as The West Wing, and Sex and the City.

After three years in entertainment production Tony decided to apply his skills to a new and evolving industry; Lifestyle Production.

In early 2007, Tony established Four Hundred, an exclusive, members-only Lifestyle Management Firm. Staffed by Lifestyle Tastemasters, Four Hundred provides its members with the seamless acquisition and execution of their client's needs and desires.

Skie Ocasio — Strategy & Operations

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A leader in service and hospitality, Skie Ocasio has been building and leading concierge service teams for lifestyle providers worldwide for over a decade.

Skie has led teams at Four Hundred, Luxury Attaché and Quintessentially. He successfully launched numerous corporate affiliations with financial institutions and luxury brands while managing and building a European brand in the US.

He brings to the table a variety of skills including: strategic thinking with an entrepreneurial air; management; contract negotiation; business development; budgeting; hospitality and service; entertainment; and food and beverage. Strong people-management skills with an emphasis on teamwork. Impressive network due to strong and trusted relationship skills.

Anthony Jackson — Digital Marketing & Design

Originally from outside Phoenix, Anthony studied at Emerson College before relocating full-time to Brooklyn. He’s specialized in content strategy and design for more than a decade with organizations both big and small. From designing for a comedy theatre… to managing digital marketing for the luxury lifestyle management firm Four Hundred… to leading the social media strategy for the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York, his attention to detail and natural affinity to think through complex problems and find simple solutions makes him a valuable asset to any organization.

Natasha Henry — Experience Manager

With a decade of diverse experience in areas such as global business, community management, and emerging technologies, Natasha is a versatile professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the Stellar team.

Natasha has a strong academic background in Leadership and Management at NYU, specializing in International Business and Global Management and participating in the Oxford’s Women Leadership Programme with Said Business School.

Driven by her passion for philanthropy and global connectivity, particularly initiatives centered around children and economic empowerment, Natasha's commitment to making a positive impact beyond her professional work reflects her dedication to creating positive change for the global good.